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Dennis Johnson 

Certified Home Inspector 

Vast Property Inspections is owned and operated by certified home inspector Dennis Johnson.  As a veteran of the United States, Dennis knows what a special opportunity it is to serve others when they need it most.   Also a homebuyer he understands the process and patience it takes.  When the time comes to make the decision to purchase a home you will need a quality home inspection performed promptly.  Dennis will have your back during a time that’s critical for your success.  

A Home Inspector who delivers

From jobs in manufacturing and construction to military service, Dennis has a track record of success because he believes in doing good work no matter what.  That holds especially true when serving in the interests of others.  That’s why Dennis goes above and beyond to help home navigate the process so that they can make the most of a much anticipated home purchase.  In times of need, we want others to lift us up-and Dennis is committed to elevating your knowledge so that you can reach your goal of owning a home.  

Know that your in good hands

  • We understand that dreams don't take a rest. In a need of a home inspection outside of the normal hours? Let's make it happen
  • If your specific needs go beyond the scope of a Buyers Inspection, we offer several additional services for your convince
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